Terms and conditions Teletol subscription


NV TUNNEL LIEFKENSHOEK, hereinafter referred to as TLH, offers its subscribers Teletol badges that can be used for all vehicles. The Teletol badges are therefore not linked to one particular vehicle. The vehicles are classified based on the total height of the vehicles. There are two categories of vehicles:

  • category 1: vehicles whose total height does not exceed 3 m.
  • category 2: vehicles with a total height greater than or equal to 3 m.

A certain rate applies per vehicle category (Teletol rates, other costs).


Accession into the right associated with the Teletol badge is subject to payment of the TLH invoices through a domiciled/authorized account with a European bank (SEPA Direct Debit) and communicating a valid email address to the TLH. The signing of the contract for the Teletol badge(s) means that the terms and conditions have been unconditionally accepted in their entirety. In the absence of any of the contract terms, the right to use the Teletol badge by the TLH may be suspended and / or revoked with immediate effect. The TLH can exceptionally also accept other payment terms. The TLH is free not to respond favorably to such a request. Before accession, TLH may request additional payment guarantees from the potential subscriber. TLH is free to refuse any application for accession without giving any reason.


This agreement will take effect upon receipt of the Teletol badge(s) by the holder. Delivery costs are set out in the Annex 'Teletol rates, other costs' and may be subject to revision. The duration of the agreement is indefinite.


TLH may, at its discretion, take any initiative to withdraw or manufacture the Teletol badges. The subscriber has the option of applying for one or more additional Teletol badges upon payment of the deposit. The Teletol badge remains the property of TLH, which can demand its return at any time.

Teletol badges that become technically defective during the period of validity can be replaced free of charge by a new one. However, if the Teletol badge is physically damaged and / or heavily soiled, the rights associated with this badge will be suspended, the deposit lapses and delivery costs will be charged.


The subscriber remains responsible and liable for the use of the delivered Teletol badge(s). TLH is authorized to require the holder of a Teletol badge to justify and prove his right to hold the badge. If the user refuses to do so, the Teletol badge will be considered to be of no value and withdrawn. In such cases, the user must pay the toll using another payment method. In the event of fraudulent and / or improper use of a Teletol badge, the agreement will be terminated by operation of law and the tolls will be made payable for all validated crossings. The Teletol badge must be expressly used for the crossing of a single vehicle, i.e. it is not permitted to pay two or more crossings simultaneously with a single Teletol badge. The Teletol badge should therefore be used in such a way as to avoid any traffic nuisance on the toll square and in the toll roads. TLH reserves the right to block badges immediately and without any notification for a definite or indefinite period.


In the event of theft or loss, the subscriber must immediately notify TLH in writing. TLH has a period of 2 working days after notification within which to block the badge. Any crossings with the badge during this period will be charged to the subscriber-holder. At the request of the subscriber, a new badge will be delivered for a fee. The deposit for the lost / stolen badge lapses.


All costs arising from the use of the Teletol badges and the application of this agreement to the payment of the invoice will be borne by the subscriber. The subscriber undertakes to pay the amounts charged for the use of the badges immediately and unconditionally 20 days after the invoice date  by direct debit to the account by TLH. In order to ensure payment for the use of the badge, the subscriber must ensure that his bank account always has a sufficient balance, and in  particular around the twentieth day of the month after the month of use. Payments must be made in Euros. If payment is not possible, the Teletol badges linked to the invoices are immediately blocked. The revocation of direct debit consent will lead to immediate suspension and / or termination of this agreement.


TLH periodically prepares either paper or electronic invoices for the crossings made by the subscriber with the badges made available to him. Invoices for smaller amounts can be drawn up monthly at the express request of the subscriber for an administrative fee (variable and to be determined by TLH). On request, a hard copy invoice will state the details of the crossings (date, time, badge number, direction, amount). These details are automatically recorded on an e-invoice. Other costs are also stated on the invoice. All price scales, special costs and toll rates can be amended at any time.

In the event of total or partial non-payment of an invoice on the due date:

  • the subscriber's Teletol badges will be immediately blocked;
  • a first free reminder will be sent automatically and without prior notice of default, stating the additional costs;
  • if an invoice is not paid within the period as stated in art. XIX.2 of the Economic Law Code, the statutory default interest will be due, calculated at the reference interest rate referred to in art. 5, paragraph 2 of the Act of 2 August 2002 on combating late payment in commercial transactions, plus 8 percentage points and an additional damage clause consisting of a flat-rate compensation will be determined as follows:  
Lower then € 150€ 20
Between € 150,01 and € 500€ 30 + 10% x (invoice amount - € 150)
Higher then € 500€ 65 + 5% x (invoice amount  - € 500) & max. € 2000


The aforementioned additional costs and default interest also remain due if only the principal amount of the late paid invoice is paid.
All invoices must be paid to:  IBAN: BE78 3350 2439 9586 BIC: BBRUBEBB.


1.By the subscriber
A subscriber who wishes to terminate the agreement must notify the TLH by registered letter. The cancellation notice period takes effect upon receipt of the registered letter by TLH. The return of the Teletol badge(s) linked to the agreement must take place either in person or by registered mail. Administration costs are borne by the subscriber. The deposit for submitted Teletol badge(s) can only be refunded after settlement of all outstanding invoices. However, if the Teletol badge is physically damaged and / or heavily soiled, the rights associated with this badge will be suspended and the deposit will lapse.

TLH reserves the right to terminate this agreement for any reason immediately and without notice; TLH will inform the subscriber about this by registered letter, stating the date on which this will take effect and giving a notice period of one month. However, in the event of non-payment of a single invoice, the notice period will lapse if the bank guarantee is withdrawn or if the direct debit mandate / authorization is withdrawn. In all cases, the subscriber will return the Teletol badges in his possession to TLH. If TLH is forced to recover the Teletol badges by judicial means, the costs arising from this will be borne by the subscriber. TLH will charge the unpaid sums of money due under this agreement and can only repay the deposit op the Teletol badge(s) after settlement of all outstanding invoices and/or if the Teletol badge(s) is/are not damaged.

Article X

It is prohibited to make Teletol badges available to third parties for commercial purposes without prior and express permission from TLH. 

Article XI

All personal data collected via this form (being identification data and bank account number) will be processed by TLH (as controller) in accordance with current privacy legislation (including the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679) and only in the context of the delivery of Teletol badges, their use and to carry out the billing associated with them (performance of the agreement). This personal data will not be passed on to third parties, unless TLH is legally obliged to do so or this is necessary in order to execute the agreement (for example, transfer to a collection agency). Under no circumstances will the personal data be transferred outside the European Economic Area. The personal data will be kept for as long as the contractual relationship lasts and up to a maximum of 10 years after its end. The subscriber always has the right to send TLH a request for access, correction or deletion of personal data. The subscriber also has the right to object to the processing of the personal data, lodge a complaint with the data protection authority or request TLH to transfer the data to another organization. For this you can contact us via the contact page.


Parties required to bear a route permit (including exceptional transport and A.D.R. transports) are subject to the usual toll rate plus the special costs associated with the supervision of these transports in the TLH concession area. Notice must be given of such (and similar) crossings at least 15 days in advance. The TLH is always free to prohibit these crossings.


Only the Courts of Antwerp are authorized to hear claims against TLH. TLH will at its choice be able to bring any claim against the holder or subscriber before the Court of Antwerp or Brussels or before a court that has jurisdiction under the law.

TELETOL RATES, OTHER COSTS. (applicable from 01/01/2023)


Category 1€ 3,31€ 0,69€ 4,00
Category 2 (van 06u01 – 21u59)€ 13,22€ 2,78€ 16,00
Category 2 (van 22u00 – 06u00)€ 3,31€ 0,69€ 4,00



Renewal and delivery of a Teletol badge:   € 40

1.             Closing of customer file with billing balance

2.             Invoice on request 

€ 7
Details on hardcopy invoice:€ 2,50
Invoice on paper (hardcopy): € 2,00

Turnover on passage less than € 50 on an annual basis:

The difference between the sum of completed crossings and € 50 is additionally invoiced annually.


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