The tunnel has a total length of 1,374 m and has two lanes per tunnel shaft. The lanes are each 3.75 m wide; there is a hard shoulder in each tunnel shaft.

The tunnel is specially designed to safely process ADR transports; only transport of products for which a permit is required must contact our services in advance.

The free clearance height in the tunnel shafts is limited to 5.10 m; the maximum width of exceptional transports must not exceed 7.5 m.

Emergency doors are provided in each tunnel shaft of the tunnel to the right of the direction of travel, giving access to the evacuation routes.

The tunnel is of the sunken type. In a specially excavated dry dock - the current Vrasenedok - the eight sections of the tunnel, each 142 meters long, were prefabricated and subsequently transported over the Scheldt by tugboats to the final place of sinking. These 8 elements, together with the locally made tunnel entrances on both Scheldt banks, form an indispensable link of the R2.

Overzicht Liefkenshoektunnel